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Mobile Money Transfer: Fone2transfer

The world is in need of a SIMPLE way for people to be able to transfer money using their mobile phones. The developed world is inclined towards the "App" which means smart phones and installs, when so many of the "unbanked" have basic pay as you go phones. So why add a level of complexity?!

Fone2transfer is the solution

  • works on ANY phone (including fixed line phones)
  • No software to install
  • Does not require literacy
  • Just the ability to dial a number & speak
  • Easy to learn, rapid to use
  • Fast & secure

Simple Front End, Hidden Complexity

If the end customer asks "how does it work", the answer is "just fine"! In the same way that many people don't fully understand how a car works, but are happy to drive, we have a complex system that provides security of transactions, but with an easy "front end" that is rapidly understood and is very easy to use.

  • Sign up for an account in under 1 minute
  • Account initially limited ("Know Your Customer" requirements)
  • If intended recipient is not an account holder, send an SMS to invite them
  • Multiple server architecture to secure transactions

Work with Us

We are looking for companies and organisations to supply our solution to. If you have access to a market for international remittances and want a mobile solution, then we would like to talk with you. Our business model is to supply a solution with your branding and corporate "look and feel" and support you in addressing this market.