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Mobile Shopping: Fone2shop

Mobile Shopping

Is the Internet truly global?

It isn't just that there are some areas of the world where the internet is not so readily available as we take for granted in the West, there are also occasions when we see posters, see or hear adverts, that there could be an even faster way of being able to place an order simply, rapidly and effectively from a phone. The Fone2shop Mobile Shopping Solution

Instead of a website URL, imagine publishing an easily accessible phone number as part of an advertisement, with (for example) a 4 digit product "code". Calling the published phone number gets you to an IVR (interactive voice response) system that asks you for the 4 digit code you saw. You might then be asked to type in to the phone's keypad the quantity you wish to buy.

The system would recognise xisting Fone4technology account holders by their phone numbers and could be asked to verify that it is indeed them, particularly if the transaction value exceeds the "floor level"; the verification can be through the usual security question and response mechanisms and / or comparison of voice file.

As user information is built up as part of the Know Your Customer provisions, the address data is also available "on file", to complete the transaction - assuming, of course the subscriber has sufficient funds in their account for the purchase.

Internet Shopping Benefits - Without the Internet

Consumers have a huge advantage of being able to shop remotely and Fone2shop allows consumers to benefit rapidly and simply from special offers which they see or hear promoted.

Our Business Model

We recognise that we are not big enough to become a world-wide brand in our own right. We are therefore seeking interested parties who require a ready-to-roll solution which can be operated under their brand for deployment in their markets.