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About Fone4technology

Fone4technology is a Franco-British joint venture set up to exploit a suite of Mobile Payment technologies and applications.

Fone2pay permits a user of one mobile phone to pay another. Neither needs to have a smartphone or particular operating system, and it does not matter which mobile phone network either of them are on. This service will be of enormous benefit to the billions of people who are either "unbanked" or who are underserved by financial services.

Fone2transfer works on ANY phone (landline or mobile), using ANY operating system, with the sender's and recipient's phones being on the same or different networks, in the same or different countries.

Fone2shop is an additional application which permits holders of Fone2pay or Fone2transfer accounts to respond simply to media advertising and place orders remotely without having to have internet access.

Each of these Fone4technology services is a "white label" package which allows a company or organisation to offer a service to its own clients in different markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a simple to use, secure payment system which works on any phone using any operating system on any network working with companies or organisations with whom we can partner.